Congratulations to Achmea, winner of this year’s NCCC Business of the Year Award

Congratulations to Achmea, winner of this year’s NCCC Business of the Year Award

The Award was announced during the NCCC Annual Luncheon on 4th December 2023.

NCCC Business of the Year Award with Canadian Ambassador Adsett


The Board chose Dutch company achmea for two reasons; Onlia (here in the Netherlands referred to as InShared), and Hagelunie. Both are daughter companies of Achmea and both have launched successful insurance businesses in Ontario, Canada.

The insurance business  is highly regulated and the teams from each company have worked very hard to comply with all the regulations and be granted Canadian licenses.

The Award was presented by Canadian Ambassador Hugh Adsett to Manager Horticulture Marie Groenhof (Hagelunie) on behalf of Onlia and Hagelunie. "We're proud to receive this award during the NCCC Annual Luncheon, celebrating our dedication to successful market penetration and commitment to fostering cultural and horticultural knowledge exchange between Canada and the Netherlands" said Groenhof. "It has been a great team effort."



About Onlia

Onlia Insurance's mission is to bring clarity, simplicity and utility to auto and home insurance.

Their priority is to make your relationship with insurance a positive one. And like any good relationship, honesty and openness is at the core. They’re committed to bringing clarity to insurance. And they do this by being transparent in their policies, pricing, and communication. They remove the mystery around insurance so you can make informed decisions.

NCCC Business of the Year Award

About Hagelunie

Hagelunie is a market leading international insurance company, founded by horticulturists and active for over 80 years as an insurer for greenhouse horticulture companies.

Their passionate and dedicated team of experts would like to help you to build a successful future for your company. By providing professional advice and tailor-made insurance solutions, they can support you in protecting the continuity of your business operations.


The annual NCCC Business of the Year Award recognizes the efforts and successes of both Canadian and Dutch companies and is presented to a company which has had outstanding achievements in the market or shows a new, innovative approach to a particular problem.

Each year, a theme is chosen and a number of companies that are in line with that theme are considered. This year the theme was "new market penetration". Companies do not have to be a member of the NCCC but they must be active in both Canada and the Netherlands and must promote trade and cultural exchange between the two countries.

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