Employers Struggle To Fill Tech-related Positions In Canada

Employers Struggle To Fill Tech-related Positions In Canada

A study from the Information and Communications Technology Council indicates that Canada will need to fill approximately 216,000 tech-related positions by 2021.

A report compiled by Indeed shows which tech jobs have been the hardest to fill so far in 2018, and according to them, “many employers struggle to fill tech-related positions, with some positions remaining open for more than 60 days.”

“As the industry continues to grow and more start-ups enter the Canadian tech landscape, finding talent will continue to be a challenge,” said Jodi Kasten, managing director at Indeed Canada. “And we know that the longer a role is left open, the bigger the impact to the company’s bottom line. For tech employers, the importance of expanding their talent pool and finding the right balance of incentives to attract top talent is imperative.”

Title % of jobs open for 60+ days
Computer Vision Engineer 56
Penetration Tester 51
Ruby on Rails Developer 43
Operations Engineer 41
Release Engineer 40
C Developer 37
Machine Learning Engineer 37
System Engineer 35
Chief Engineer 34
Security Engineer 33

Furthermore, using the two cornerstones of salary and growth as a basis, they identified the best jobs in Canada in 2018. The list was based on jobs that have a salary of over $70,000 and have witnessed consistent growth in share of job postings from 2014-2017.

Tech jobs dominate the list

Nine of the top ten best jobs in Canada were tech related. As companies continue to undergo digital transformations, demand for tech talent has persisted.

Machine learning engineer; a programmer who develops complex algorithms that enable machines and systems to run on artificial intelligence (AI), tops the list of the 10 Best Jobs of 2018. With a 634% increase in share of job postings, this field will be a contributor to job creation as well as a significant player in Canada’s tech landscape.

Following machine learning engineer, the jobs rounding out the top three are full stack developer (+601%), a versatile developer comfortable with both back-end and front-end technologies, and development operations engineer (+460%), who is responsible for a company’s development infrastructure and works with various IT staff to oversee code releases.

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