How to achieve great ROI from investments in the built environment

How to achieve great ROI from investments in the built environment

With building operational costs rising all the time, it is more critical than ever for companies to make the right choices about investing in existing buildings. NCCC Patron Member, Priva, share some advice.

It is an eternal truth that – no matter what money has been allocated for a particular space or technology upgrade – facilities managers (FM’s) are always coming up against budgetary constraints. There is often a pressure to see if some costs can be shaved off a project – for example, by reducing its scope or selecting cheaper solutions.

Well, whatever issues they have faced in recent years, it is likely that FMs’ attention will be drawn even more firmly to the ‘bottom line’ for many years yet. With operational costs soaring at present, it is to be expected that some firms will look to halt or scale back new investments – including those allocated for improving existing buildings. And where such projects are given permission, greater expectations around return on investment (ROI) seem to be a certainty.

All of which means that new proposals will require an even sharper focus on cost efficiency and benefits. What follows, is a series of points to bear in mind when planning a project that will satisfy everyone – including the financial director.

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