Internship Opportunity - International Communications Intern

Internship Opportunity - International Communications Intern

Are you passionate about communications and marketing, and using visual and written storytelling to share new and exciting ideas? Do you enjoy finding creative ways to communicate information on a variety of digital and traditional mediums? Are you currently studying in the fields of communications, marketing and/or graphic design and looking for an opportunity to expand you knowledge while working with professionals who share your enthusiasm? Then apply for Mobycon's International Communications Intern position.


Who We Are


For over 30 years Mobycon has lived, breathed and designed for better mobility in the Netherlands. Our mission: to develop and implement transportation solutions that improve the experience of all road users with a focus on walking, cycling and public transport. We take pride in our work collaborating with clients around the world to inspire, support, and innovate, all while utilising Dutch-inspired approaches. We know that every street, intersection and city is unique and we bring a thoughtful, holistic approach that is customized to each project.

Based in the Netherlands, with offices in Canada and USA, Mobycon is an international consultancy working throughout Europe, North America and elsewhere. By combining knowledge of international and Dutch best practice, we bring innovative ideas to each project.

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