Spotzi Helps FC Groningen With Data Driven Marketing and Sports Sponsoring

Spotzi Helps FC Groningen With Data Driven Marketing and Sports Sponsoring

If you are a soccer fan, you must know Arjen Robben. Robben is regarded as one of the best players of his generation and one of the best wingers in the world. He played with Chelsea and Real Madrid. After that, he decided to go back to the soccer team he started his career at: Dutch Premier Division Soccer Club FC Groningen in the Netherlands.

This helped put FC Groningen on the map. However they wanted more. Last year (2020) NCCC member Spotzi started helping FC Groningen with the development of “data driven” marketing and sports sponsoring. After a year of working with their Insights Dashboards, FC Groningen turned data analytics into results!

The best-fit partner for FC Groningen

The result of the data driven strategy is a brand new partner. FC Groningen found Dutch shoe and clothing store Scapino as a new partner. Spotzi's analytics showed that FC Groningen and Scapino were the perfect match. Together they entered into a partnership for a minimum of two years. The goal of this partnership is to get people moving.

The relationship continues

Spotzi will continue helping FC Groningen with finding future sponsors and growing their fanbase through their Dashboards. The Dashboards will also help serve their supporters and sponsors even better. This will improve the brand FC Groningen and help them attract new players.

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