The International Marketing Expedition Goes To Canada

The International Marketing Expedition Goes To Canada

TIME 2017

The International Marketing Expedition (TIME) is a foundation that has the goal to conduct international market research of academic quality for Dutch companies that are interested in doing business in a foreign market.

This year a team of talented students from the Tilburg University will conduct the international market research on location in Canada for four weeks. By October/November 2017 the TIME researchers will conduct their research and will be supported by experienced academic researchers.

For companies, participating in TIME is a great opportunity to do research abroad against cost price. Where bigger organizations have to deal with fixed costs like offices and employee payments, TIME is run voluntarily by students of Tilburg University. Another advantage is that TIME does not have an interest in profit maximization. The aim of TIME is to deliver sound marketing research in order to gain the business of its clients. Also, the content of the researches is not restricted to marketing related topics. The researchers can do all kinds of market researches. It all depends on the wishes and needs of the participating companies. During the whole project, the participating companies will be informed well by the researchers. Consequently, custom research can be delivered.

For more information and examples of past studies, visit the website.

Please, feel free to contact us at any time in case you have questions. Tilburg University , Room E.102 | Warandelaan 2, Tilburg, Noord-Brabant | 5037 AB The Netherlands | Phone: +31(0)13 - 466 3044 | Mail: [email protected]

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